Emergency Dentistry Root Canal Treatment

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Emergency dentistry for a root canal is sometimes the only way to relieve your pain. Some patients may have a root canal scheduled for a future date, but they find themselves in severe pain at an inconvenient time because of tooth pain. There may even be times when a patient may not realize they need a root canal. You may have experienced pain but never made an appointment with your dentist because the pain may have subsided. An infected tooth is a very serious dental emergency, and you should have it treated right away. You will want the pain to be resolved and not wait for an appointment with your regular dentist. 

What is a root canal?

A root canal is necessary because it is the only way to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal. This needs to be done to prevent reinfection and save your natural tooth. During the procedure, your dentist will remove the inflamed and infected pulp inside the tooth. Your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned from the inside out to ensure it is free of infection and well protected. Your dentist will seal the tooth when complete.

Benefits of a root canal

This is a very common emergency dentistry procedure that provides many benefits to your oral health. After the root canal, you will be able to return to efficient chewing and experience normal biting and sensation. You will be pleased that your dentist could save your damaged tooth and preserve your natural appearance. This procedure can help preserve the surrounding teeth. By saving and repairing the infected tooth, the teeth around the area no longer suffer from excessive wear and strain.We all want to keep our natural smile for as long as possible, and a root canal will stop the spread of infection. 

Choosing not to get a root canal

A patient should always follow through with a root canal if your dentist suggests the procedure. You need to clear up the infection or face more severe consequences and oral health issues down the road. If you do not get a root canal, the damage will spread and take over the entire tooth, and saving it by having a root canal will no longer be an option. Also, if you choose not to get a root canal, you risk the infection spreading to surrounding teeth. A tooth infection can lead to multiple health conditions, and you want to be sure you are doing everything you can to preserve the health of your teeth and gums. 

Talk to your dentist

You should always discuss any pain or issues you are having with your mouth with your dentist. Make sure to keep your scheduled appointments. These routine appointments are where your dentist can find and treat minor issues before they develop into more serious conditions in the future. Emergency dentistry is always available to anyone who needs it, but you still want to do everything you can to prevent emergencies from arising. 

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